The three most common reasons people go vegan include animal welfare, health benefits, and environmental concerns. A few other reasons, in no particular order, are human rights issues, spirituality, religious beliefs, feminism, weight loss, athletic performance, and sexual performance.
Vegan, in terms of the plant based diet component of the broader lifestyle, is the fastest growing food movement in the world. This rapid growth is great news, not only for the animals and the planet, but also for other vegans, because the availability of convenient vegan foods and products is growing with it. It has never been easier to be vegan.

All over this website you will find documentaries and other videos showing why you shouldn't contribute to the exploitation of animals. You will also find content showing you the many health and wellness benefits of a plant based diet for you and your families. Each of the subcategories of this section focus on a specific topic, i would recommend starting with the one that interests you most.