Once you have transitioned into a vegan lifestyle, you may become interested in meeting other vegans who share your values, and can relate to your experiences. That’s where vegan activism comes in.
People who have stopped supporting needless animal abuse, and realized how much better they look and feel living a compassionate lifestyle, want to tell other people about it. Why wouldn’t they? It’s the best lifestyle for humans, the planet, and the animals. Everyone wins!
Unfortunately, people who haven’t yet made that connection, and realized contributing to the needless suffering of animals is only hurting them and their environment, tend to get defensive about it. Accepting that a huge part of your culture and traditions is extremely harmful and unnecessary can be difficult. It’s easier to keep ignoring the problems, especially when everyone else seems to be ignoring them too.
Fortunately, the movement continues to grow, and as it grows, more people become open to the idea of it. While veganism is ultimately about helping animals, by choosing not to contribute to harming them, there are many more benefits to the lifestyle and different aspects appeal to different people. Almost half of people who become vegan initially adopted a plant based diet for health reasons. Once you stop contributing to the problem, it becomes very easy to accept that the way humans treat other species on this planet is despicable and inexcusable. Sometimes promoting the health benefits will be more effective, other times exposing the truth about factory farming and slaughterhouses works best, it really depends on the person.
If you are already vegan, and you want to start using your voice to help those that have no voice, then check out the subcategories of this section for more information on how you can get involved.