- Humans currently kill per year

          - 56 billion land animals

          - Over 3 trillion sea animals


- Cows, in a normal grassland environment, live about 20 years. Cows used for dairy typically die after about 4. Most of the children they have during that brief time are killed within a few weeks of being born. The cows are repeatedly forcibly impregnated so they will produce milk for human consumption. Their calves are taken from them within a few hours of being born and fed formula to fatten them up a bit for slaughter.


- Chickens, in the wild, can live about 8 years. Chickens on factory farms die after about 1.5 years. The male chicks are killed in meat grinders the day they are born since they are not considered profitable. The females have their beaks cut off as babies so they won’t peck each other to death as they get bigger and go insane from living in cages or other cramped conditions.


- Turkeys, in the wild, can live about 15 years. Turkeys on factory farms are killed after 4-5 months.


- Pigs are capable of living 12 years. Most of them are killed after 6 months. The females selected for breeding usually survive for about 3-5 years in a pen that is only a little wider than they are. They never leave the pen, and never turn around, until the day they give up and die.


- Most of the time, data gathered from experiments with animals is unreliable, irrelevant, or inapplicable to humans.


- Factory farmed hens lay 250-300 eggs/year, when a normal hen would lay 15-20. Another change caused by genetic engineering and selective breading practices is that they are no longer able to support their own weight. Their breasts grow so large that they just fall over forward, and their legs either break or they simply can’t get up.

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